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'Dancing With The Devil... The Art Of Starting Over' Out Now


3:33Demi Lovato - Melon Cake (Visualizer)
Demi Lovato - Melon Cake (Visualizer)Ganger 646 k15 dager siden
3:05Demi Lovato - Good Place (Visualizer)
Demi Lovato - Good Place (Visualizer)Ganger 335 k15 dager siden
5:13Demi Lovato - Dancing With The Devil
Demi Lovato - Dancing With The DevilGanger 18 mill15 dager siden
3:12Demi Lovato - Carefully (Visualizer)
Demi Lovato - Carefully (Visualizer)Ganger 184 k15 dager siden
2:41Demi Lovato - Lonely People (Visualizer)
3:30Demi Lovato, Noah Cyrus - Easy (Visualizer)
Demi Lovato, Noah Cyrus - Easy (Visualizer)Ganger 1,3 mill15 dager siden
0:27Demi Lovato - Intro (Visualizer)
Demi Lovato - Intro (Visualizer)Ganger 144 k15 dager siden
3:06Demi Lovato - California Sober (Visualizer)
2:52Demi Lovato - 15 Minutes (Visualizer)
Demi Lovato - 15 Minutes (Visualizer)Ganger 398 k15 dager siden
3:03Demi Lovato - Mad World (Visualizer)
Demi Lovato - Mad World (Visualizer)Ganger 353 k15 dager siden
2:38Demi Lovato - Butterfly (Visualizer)
Demi Lovato - Butterfly (Visualizer)Ganger 320 k15 dager siden
4:05Demi Lovato - Dancing With The Devil (Audio)
3:19Demi Lovato - Commander In Chief
Demi Lovato - Commander In ChiefGanger 9 mill6 måneder siden
3:15Demi Lovato - Commander In Chief (Audio)
Demi Lovato - Commander In Chief (Audio)Ganger 1,1 mill6 måneder siden
3:27Demi Lovato - I Love Me
Demi Lovato - I Love MeGanger 52 millÅr siden
3:56Demi Lovato - Anyone (Lyric Video)
Demi Lovato - Anyone (Lyric Video)Ganger 13 millÅr siden
3:53Demi Lovato - Sober (Official Lyric Video)