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  • Guilty was the only option on the table! OK so un arm all ya cops see how many families loose loved ones on front line! There criminals ffs! It's because of the criminals that the police are brought to the scene!!! No criminal no police on there tails wat the hell is goin on

  • How about we castrate Africa and Asia.

  • XD

  • Don’t get the vaccine!!!

  • When the WHO is headed by Tedros, who's not a doctor, but wants to be addressed as doctor, and is by the WHO and the media. That tells me all I need to know about that organisation, and the media for that matter.

  • John 14:6 King James Version 6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

  • Block SkyNews. Its fake news and they spread truth decay.

  • Sky news can’t even put a propper heading up , like. PUB landlord asaulted by labour goons

  • Well said lord sugar

  • We all miss him.👍

  • Some sad people commenting here.

  • lies from sky Landlord gets assaulted in his own pub

  • If people are least bothered to follow the protocols, no social distancing, it will never succeed.

  • Dude, it looks like a fly got into your camera. And the smaller one is obviously a bird.

  • The curve is exponentially rising and reaching stability is nowhere on the cards. States like Maharashtra is the worst affected. If Maharashtra were a separate country, it would have the fourth highest cases in the world, way things are progressing, this is the only way India can win against the virus. India needs to attain herd immunity. Once that is achieved, the cases will go down.Otherwise the public doesn't bat an eye to the alarming situation that we are actually going through!

  • They moved faster to deal with this than they did with covid 😂😂

  • At least Joe biden is making correct lines of speech . Little or No gaffe . I think he should be having enough sleep everyday . Only then will he make proper speeches .looking at his face , he really had good sleep . His only policy i know of is unity . Truck loads of unity everyday talk .

  • And how many people contradict themselves daily too many