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3:03Mikel Arteta on signing Thomas Partey
Mikel Arteta on signing Thomas ParteyGanger 420 k12 dager siden
7:57❤️ Thank you, Emi Martinez
❤️ Thank you, Emi MartinezGanger 239 kMåned siden
4:10🇧🇷 Welcome to The Arsenal, Willian!
🇧🇷 Welcome to The Arsenal, Willian!Ganger 943 k2 måneder siden


  • The men need a player like Van De Donk, she's basically like De Bruyne but in women's football

  • if she miedema was a boy she and auba unstoppable

  • miedema legendary

  • So the man them Fi play and get goals

  • London is red in the female football as well

  • Literally to the 1% who's reading this , God bless you , and may your dreams come true , stay safe and have a wonderful day :)

  • เก่งๆๆๆๆ

  • Kereen

  • When he said that he is feeling good at the beginning it really shows his disappointment

  • Women teams is very good to scoring but what about men’s in premier league shame on you guy’s is like deja vue we restart again the players oh my god arsenal I’m so mad is samo samo

  • OH...MY...DAYZZ...that free kick was sublime

  • Awesome demolition

  • 30:27 Anyone want to do this with me😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  • Where is Alex Morgan, I watched the whole thing to see her, disappointed 😔

  • All time wsl top goal scorer u know it is ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

  • Saka should assited for other players no shoot yourself that like Abamayong like to show single in start of premiere in last season, now Abamayong is good player for assist co-players, Continue game of arsenal will win forever. And back position in good players.

  • Good save at penalty moment. 👍

  • The number of likes is the number of assists partey will get this season

  • Whoever is the manager of the women's team should replace Arteta

  • McCabe's goal was top class. Wow.

  • Miedema for Ballon D'Or Feminin


  • London is red!!

  • I want a statue for Miedema in front of the Emirates, she's world class

  • 0:23 Xhaka dejavu goal?

    • Yes!!! At selhurst park. The ref has given 2 penalties to palace and thats why had a 2-2 draw. Xhaka started the scoring...

  • Why isn’t this in the emirates

  • Arsenal men's team needs to watch a lot of Arsenal women's team videos. The guys need to learn a lot from the ladies.

  • Wow, that freekick goal was something special

  • massive respect to foord for not celebrating against a small club :0

  • The mens team need to learn one-timing those split second passes like the womens team. We hold the handbrake way too much.


  • If Miedema played in our men's team then there will be more creativity.

  • we gonna ignore how close that was to a david luiz own goal?



  • Someone who hasn't seen the game will think Arsenal were great but lost.

  • Without Ozil - The assist king this team is nothing. Keep losing . why Arteteta is keeping Ozil out?????????????why??

  • Looks like our identity has been transfered to women team

  • Miedema doesn't celebrate goals, goals celebrate Miedema

  • First goal is similar to Xhaka Vs Crystal Palace few years ago

  • The ladies should be getting a better pitch than this & more wages aswell

  • Congrats girls

  • Alex morganwho?

  • the men's team is failing me but I'm glad to see our girls get great results

  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍 🔴⚪🔴⚪

  • Great... like this lady...

  • Miedema, female version of Marco Van Basten.

  • Williamson long ball is so underrated.

  • Viv be kicking that chicken out of north london

  • Can we replace men first team with this women team?

  • number 19 the girl version of ozil

  • Better than the team Arteta has

  • This is my first time watching Women's league football match. wow , so inspiring. Excellent job girls. You made my day.

    • @The Vlach no they dont men play way better football

    • Play better football than the men

  • I miss strikers who forces assists and shots. Miedema needs to coach the boys on being confident, forcing the game, and avoiding too many touches and passes.

    • Honestly you're right. I know Auba and Laca are better than Miedema but Miedema is very confident when she's on goal

    • Wordddddd

  • Miedama goal machine 😯😯

  • wish they showed more of that auba conversation that was a magical moment

  • miedema is the uncontested goat of the wfpl no cap

  • This is Germany Player's😍🇩🇪❤

  • Can we sign some of these ladies to Artettas side?

  • What did they sign Alex Morgan for ? Just for branding and marketing ?

  • Why don't the ladies play at The Emirates?

  • Can this ever happen on the men side

  • I wish our Mens team was as attack minded as our Ladies. Breathtaking football

  • If it was possible this team may have been promoted to EPL and i bet it can't be relegated

  • North London is now ReeEeeeeeed!!!!

  • Good job

  • Need a midfielder like Van de Donk in the men's team. Simple and creative!

  • 6:45 wrong its ron snd benze

  • Hurry...... guys

  • Viv is the best forward in the world.

  • That penalty was pretty soft, but well done by the keeper to save it.

  • David silva : why u bully me

  • north london is red

  • I would really like to see arsenal male and female teams play

  • XHAKA Free kick

  • This was so nice to watch

  • The women's team deserve to play at the Emirates ❤️

  • Ozil is just sleeping

  • North London is Red

  • Miedema I love you