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8:04What Celebrity Parties Are REALLY Like
9:12How JaackMaate Made £6,000 in 60 SECONDS!
10:55Why Stevie Is BANNED From A Video Game Store
14:18The Horrible Truth About Gambling Addiction...
14:06Reading NAUGHTY Happy Hour Fan Fiction...
8:03Tobjizzle Calls Out Cancel Culture
Tobjizzle Calls Out Cancel CultureGanger 321 k21 dag siden
8:56Tobi Has A Message For KSI...
Tobi Has A Message For KSI...Ganger 440 k21 dag siden
8:02JaackMaate's CRAZY Miami Mansion
JaackMaate's CRAZY Miami MansionGanger 68 kMåned siden
6:56Is Gogglebox Fake? Roman Kemp Reveals!
13:21Roman Kemp Reveals "I'm A Celeb" Secrets!
8:02Which Pokemon Is The Sexiest?
Which Pokemon Is The Sexiest?Ganger 31 kMåned siden


  • Alex Zane is a nob

  • DT was happy to let his own son get battered because he's too much of a coward to confront his own problems. Spineless little weasel that acts hard behind a keyboard.

  • kings leon are cool

  • Actually troops makes Robbie and his channel look bad seriously

  • Damn she looks rough without all the filters, she kinda looks like thing 1 and 2 from the cat in the hat movie tho anyone else seeing it?

  • Love DT. I find it very difficult to disagree with any of his views as they mirror my own, love the aftv podcast and DT is the first interview I check out straight after a match.

  • I have a very similar story for my daughter's birth a few years ago

  • its because his voice is monotone.

  • This is called jealousy? Grow up dude

  • We need a clip of when Robbie said aw after the talk about the greatest showman and jaack started laughing I listened to that over and over in absolute stitches you two legends are quality oh and stevie 🤣👍🏼


  • Jake Paul already knew he wasn't goin to beat a black guy I mean.... TBH I honestly think Jake said that cuz he already threanted and unlike Jake the others can actually run Tobi is one strong and mature guy Plus it was for charity no need for the trash talkin

  • He's busy and has a lot of paid work...I think from that reply he took that as he's only doing paid work so I can see where there were crossed wires.

  • Thogden is a slimy cloutchaser

  • Not the first time with Thogden though, he started with stealing Stuntpegs content. Plus has very clickbait titles. Shame really as started off well. But low brow content seemed to dominate.

  • Anyone have the link to the documentary he is talking about?

  • Fuck Don really dropping big names....the queen.. ...F1 Williams !!!

  • What's all the fuss about, Niko. Guy has made a living, by making people feel uncomfortable in their own skin. And people admire that. Just think about it for a second.

  • Wow Ty story is iconic

  • Let me kick this bad boi off aye

  • I listen to the pod and still watch these like why man

  • Goldbridge is a geezer!!! So glad his channel is going well. 😎👍🏻😎

  • My brother did a Mcdonalds hack once and it went like this. 3 of his friends would go through the drive thru. they order their shit and what not go to the first window pay for it and head to the second window. my brother would be in the bushes watching and when he saw the food get handed out the second window he would run by snagged the fucking food and dip to a randevu point. the other 3 guys in the car would be like welp our food got stolen guess you have to remake it and give us it again. worked everytime

  • My favourite thing about jackmate is that he will embody Ricky gervais for an additional 30 years after Ricky eventually gets too old. Thank you jack and stevie (Steve). Great men

  • I once had a tesco chicken ceaser wrap I think mine must of been a bad one as it broke my f'ing tooth!

  • Thogden is so cringe.

  • Egg & Cress sandwiches bang, this guy is no expert

  • His mate sounds class 😂😂😂

  • Troopz and DT are the realist in life - they have time for the people, both cool and genuine

  • Pie 'Sound As A Pound' Face

  • I haven’t watched aftv for years, only even up in my recommendations coz Claude dying, but seems like I’ve missed nothing 😂

  • Man went from looking at dead bodies to raging after Burnley

  • The Don almost approved a hit on DT.

  • Bihar. Moti

  • Mate he does videos with his dad, that's all you need to know.

  • Someone timestamp when he talks about the crime please I ain't got time to wait around

  • Ask Robbie if he still wants to slap Lawrence Mckenna - but not Brian (true geordie). Even though Brian took the piss out of AFTV far more than Lawrence did but that's fine because Brian did it respectfully, apparently. Definitely didn't have anything to do with the fact that Brian's a brick shithouse that would knock this clown out.

  • Iv met DT and troopz outside Wembley on the fa Cup final 2017 and they are two genuine bruddas and will always support there content 💯👊🏽❤️

  • Been there got the tshirt aswell had to hit rock bottom before I stopped gambling And for me it's to risk for the win and knowing ur better than said bookies for footy bets and everything else

  • The bird is a falcon 😂

  • I think the reason why people hate dt is that it has just become a trend. He is the most entertaining at watch alongs and the interviews. You could see it especially when he had covid and he was absent on the watch alongs. I really like dt and cannot understand the hate

  • I AM DYING 😂😂😂😂

  • The Queen probably came out and was in such awe of seeing Don Robbie she dared not to speak with him.

  • psy-copathy?

  • I hate the fact that you can’t listen to the big songs of bands anymore like it’s illegal, like ye I love oasis n sometimes I wanna listen to wonderwall without being bullied :(

  • Really makes you think of the film Us huh

  • 4:41 Tommy: You’ve entered the wrong realm, traveller.

  • Hmmm new intro I see

  • How can you hate a guy who had the brains to recognise a market and take advantage of it ... Let's be real when my kids watch it he bloody anoies me ..I'm broke as well but I can't appreciate his hustle ... Ppl stop hating because you didn't do it

  • Sweating like hell

  • Put Tgfbro on happy hour 😎

  • When he says Maidstone in Medway, me 🤦‍♂️

  • What a legend

  • only arsenal fan i like

  • Proud of Don Robbie 👊🏾

  • Thogden is a fool seen him attack many youtubers!

  • Just rewatched u have to do this again !!

  • Where is this documentary?

  • I'd love to do the Bounty one sheet challenge on Robbie's head 😂

  • Money was the main focus so much bull shit money makes the world go round

  • In the UK they get paid a wage to do that job so i would tip... I work in a warehouse and if someone comes up to me asking where the beans are I ain't gonna turn around and expect a tip for showing them because that's my job I get paid a wage for doing that America is a bit different on the other hand

  • Here's an idea, if you're the host of a podcast with an interesting guest maybe DON'T keep making irritating and totally unnecessary noises with your plastic water bottle. And maybe invest in a reusable water bottle rather than harming the environment you BELLEND.

  • its crazy the way the world is now too many young girls being prostitutes and walking around half naked i blame social media for alot of it pure evil the world has got . selling yourself and your body for cash shocking! as a young man i hate to see people ruin there lifes and years too come could regret all there mistakes and the damage is already done its soo sad .. put your trust in Jesus and REPENT theres always hope for anyone who gives there life too our lord and savouir JESUS ..

  • Every word you say and how you say it is scrutinised and can be twisted.

  • Why you should never go for an interview without a solicitor. Always get the help even if your fully innocent and just a witness.

  • Man fan Utd here. Even I know Robbie is true don. Scrumptious dub boss man

  • "If he werent a kid...." Note to self, dont call Don Robbie a prick

  • Dt is da better baller

  • Yes robbie it's for me boy lol

  • Yes dt can give it but can't take it

  • Dt is just ruff on da outside but he's got a gd heart

  • Yes dt has rub alot of people da wrong way

  • Dt is one of those guys u love an hate at da same time lol

  • Finally a black man on the whitest podcast on earth

  • Don Robbie is a proper don

  • Ngl I don't consider 20 years old as a young child

  • 🐐

  • Not sure if i should change my name or not xD