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"60 Minutes," the most successful television broadcast in history. Offering hard-hitting investigative reports, interviews, feature segments and profiles of people in the news, the broadcast began in 1968 and is still a hit, over 50 seasons later, regularly making Nielsen's Top 10. "60 Minutes" has won more Emmy Awards than any other primetime broadcast, including a special Lifetime Achievement Emmy. It has also won every major broadcast journalism award over its tenure, including 24 Peabody and 18 DuPont Columbia University awards for excellence in television broadcasting. Other distinguished awards won multiple times include the George Polk, RTNDA Edward R. Murrow, Investigative Reporters and Editors, RFK Journalism, Sigma Delta Chi and Gerald Loeb Awards for Distinguished Business and Financial Reporting. "60 Minutes" premiered on CBS Sept. 24, 1968.


13:13From the 60 Minutes Archive: Larry King
4:15Michigan girds for Inauguration Day violence
2:18National Guard rules of engagement
National Guard rules of engagementGanger 1,1 mill10 dager siden
13:10The legacy of the Flint water crisis
The legacy of the Flint water crisisGanger 126 k15 dager siden
2:56Will the House continue to investigate Trump?
3:59Speaker Pelosi on the Democrats' new majority
3:38Speaker Pelosi on getting Trump's taxes
Speaker Pelosi on getting Trump's taxesGanger 254 k17 dager siden
13:42Nancy Pelosi: The 2021 60 Minutes interview
Nancy Pelosi: The 2021 60 Minutes interviewGanger 2,7 mill17 dager siden
0:52Preserving the republic
Preserving the republicGanger 127 k17 dager siden
4:55The history of Section 230
The history of Section 230Ganger 25 k24 dager siden
2:06Fighting back against internet lies
Fighting back against internet liesGanger 15 k28 dager siden
1:45A pilgrimage to Lalibela for Christmas
13:4560 Minutes archives: The Most Feared Gangster
27:0560 Minutes archives: Le Carré
60 Minutes archives: Le CarréGanger 210 kMåned siden
12:2960 Minutes Archives: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
14:5860 Minutes Archives: The Archbishop
13:44Inside the wild world of PPE sales
Inside the wild world of PPE salesGanger 35 kMåned siden
13:21Viola Davis: The 60 Minutes Interview
Viola Davis: The 60 Minutes InterviewGanger 1,1 millMåned siden
1:0260 seconds with Viola Davis
60 seconds with Viola DavisGanger 5 kMåned siden
2:49Viola Davis on fighting for her worth
13:23From the 60 Minutes archive: August Wilson
0:51The people behind tonight's 60 Minutes
1:0160 Seconds with James Corden
60 Seconds with James CordenGanger 33 kMåned siden
1:38Chris Krebs debunks 2020 Election rumors
2:48Steve Hartman is talking turkey
Steve Hartman is talking turkeyGanger 4,4 k2 måneder siden
1:2499-year-old on the power of optimism
99-year-old on the power of optimismGanger 33 k2 måneder siden
1:03Putting plans on hold during the pandemic
2:0699 and 100-year-olds describe life growing up
17:21It's a Long Way to Furudu
It's a Long Way to FuruduGanger 6 k2 måneder siden
15:42Conan O'Brien on 60 Minutes in 2010
Conan O'Brien on 60 Minutes in 2010Ganger 401 k2 måneder siden
25:49Living into your 90s
Living into your 90sGanger 1,5 mill2 måneder siden
27:02Barack Obama: The 2020 60 Minutes interview
Barack Obama: The 2020 60 Minutes interviewGanger 6 mill2 måneder siden


  • Haha love Elon

  • Nobody’s perfect and he literally is

  • The Muppet Show

  • "Politics is not a cage match." That's unfortunate.. I would pay good money to see Obama beat the orange wig off Chumps five gallon bucket head. It would look like Sugar Ray Vs. Butter Bean

  • Navalshit! The worst thing you can be is to be a traitor to your own people! Sad mad just like Juan Guiado

  • legend

  • And if am lying let a light fall down 😆 🤣 😂

  • Noone is home. No moral compass at all.

  • Be nice to get a few questions for the kid

  • I respect this man so much. A true visionary.

  • The average prisoner would have 2 sheets and one blanket. There are several ways a prisoner can have more than 2 sheets and more than 1 blanket

  • Puppet of the western elite

  • I've always loved this show...ever since I was a kid...💖

  • Nobody but libturds will ever wstch 60 min. Again. .

  • Todo lies 60 minutes. .

  • He has no respect for them because he's a fraud.

  • This guy looks like a great leader who is going to be poisoned by the dictator of Russia and is going to be arrested after returning to his country.


  • I have studied the Persecution of Blacks in the US...intensively and extensively. That diabolical PERSECUTION of those called Blacks is NOTHING new! It has been ongoing for as many as 388 years. Yet even with all the highly visible EVIDENCE, there are those who still hold up opposition to BLM. That is why as an outsider historian, Blacks may have to take matters in their own hands. I learned English as a necessary language. The story of Emit Till was the catalyst to my becoming a World Historian. One things I realized, from the outset, is that the Blacks are NOT fully UNITED! Until unity is realized for the GOOD of these people, RESPECT for them will be forever far-fetched! DIO sta MIRANDO... OGNI momento! I razzisti non sono per sempre.

  • This man Navalny, needs to be The New President of Russia! 🇺🇸 🇷🇺

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  • Narcissist much?


  • Contact dr Klinghardt of Sophia Health Institute, he might be able to offer some explanation, as to what is happening to these people and some advice on how to heal. I hope they all recover.


  • Here we are again. 2021.


  • I am an Iranian citizen. Are you unable to assassinate several statesmen in Iran? And the poverty of fifty million Iranians does not matter to you ??. So it turns out that you are also playing with other people's hands

  • Legenda

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  • OK these people have got hurt really bad by the white people I am I never play with racist people like white people and that stuff but I might subscribe to this no I’m not because this is really sad that Aldi’s black people got treated in the white people didn’t get treated any type away they got treated the best way and they lied on black people so I wouldn’t be would it be one of them I wouldn’t enjoy them

  • When you’ve achieved what he has you just don’t give a f***.

  • It's not news if you go there just to argue with the people

  • I'm a high school basketball coach. I totally understand what she means when she says she's scared. The responsibility of teaching talented young people is immense.

  • alles an ihr und von ihr ist wundervoll. Hoffe es kommt noch vieles von ihr.

  • Pavarotti love from Turkey u always in our hearts

  • Soon thereafter, the light man mysteriously committed suicide.

  • Terrific actor, Rest In Peace

  • Light isn't on their side

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  • Seems like a “hidden light production” to put Hillary in Bill’s arms on national television

  • How come it takes me an hour and 30 minutes to watch this

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  • Tell me what are your qualifications?

  • Ain't no one saw that interviewer kind of looks like a lady version of Mark Cuban

  • Embelezement????

  • Why arnt you allowed to run.tell us your background.

  • I was blessed to have visited Ethiopia for ten days, in 2020. Beautiful People.

  • Isnt he a crook?

  • Most people dont realize how poor Russia is. 99.9% of people live in extreme poverty, a lot of times in extreme cold and the others are a handful of extremely rich people. Putins official salary is $100,00 but a lot of estimations have him as the richest person in the world with over 200 Billion.

  • I think that’s god doing his bidding lol

  • New York desperately needs another Republican mayor like Giuliani!!!

  • "We had the highest stock market numbers" okay? if the market is in a "bull market", which is 90% of the time, then every president has had the highest stock market numbers, with exceptions to recessions.

  • Update 1/26/2021: Dr. Fauci now recommends "double" masking (e.g., wearing two masks in tandem) - even if vaccinated. Masks forever!

  • With “mass incarceration” in the 1990s, there were fewer criminals on the streets. These genius journalists can’t see the connection

  • had to screenshot his face as the light bar came crashing down . 😂

  • Extremists want to be able to punish social media companies, out of business in an attempt, to force them to host extremist content. It ISN'T a good idea to REPEAL 230, yet.

  • Neeson's also got natural comedic chops because he doesn't take himself too seriously

  • Used car salesman are so sketchy.i hate going to car lot bcuz i think/know their just trying to rip me off or sell me something i dont need.maybe alot of it is stereotype but its just the way it is.

  • Sue the guy who posted it! People mass reporting horrible channels has to be considered.

  • Its beautiful to see different culture trying to open up peacefully thats called progress

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  • He makes $400,000+ a year, and there are 400,000+ deaths in the US.

  • Did she say "look at you" at the end? To ELON MUSK!? Wtf!? This old bat comes across as totally disingenuous and just not a good person.

  • Bicycle thief ended up serving 19 years. I bet he doesn't still bikes now or drunkenly wanders into peoples garages.

  • Sounds like a Bio Weapon ........or i read to much Tom Clancy

  • Who pays this guy?

  • Why are people trying to ruin someone who is clearly a hard working man and has done more in his life than everyone of those individuals planting negativity in his mind and make him look like a monster this guy deserves a lot more than what is being given

  • I was one of the early infected ones when it comes to COVID-19. I had it in December 2019 (NYC). I was sick for the entire month of DECEMBER and a couple of weeks in January 2020. It’s now January 2021... and I’m having chest pain, insomnia, heart palpitations, weakness, heavy limbs, heartburn.... difficulty breathing. My doctor also said that I was depressed and anxious. 🙄. NO...I AM NOT DEPRESSED....IM SICK OF FEELING SICK.

  • And he should of done his job and “recalibrated” the machines to the CORRECT percents. He’s a liar! We all know dead people have been voting for years! Ask Washington State!!!!!!!

  • This 60 minutes interviewer confirms Project Mockingbird is still alive and well

  • Wtf? Did they not actually interview the guy? If so, why not include him in this clip? Wierd to hear from everyone but him.

  • Trump wants that in the US. He's the same type of dictator. He put his family in charge, surrounded himself with people only supporting him, he tried call every thing he didn't like fake news, he called for a ban on liberal media, he's super vindictive and so on. He would love to be like Putin and reign forever and his supporters would love it too. Meanwhile they call us liberals commies 😂