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Hi I'm Ann Reardon welcome to How To Cook That
Have fun with me making creative dessert, cake and chocolate
New video every second Friday.
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2:14Meet our new cute puppy Molly
Meet our new cute puppy MollyGanger 97 kÅr siden
10:36How to make a Nerf Gun cake
How to make a Nerf Gun cakeGanger 161 kÅr siden
6:42Going NUTS! How To Cook That Ann Reardon
10:12giant M&M in hospital
giant M&M in hospitalGanger 623 k2 år siden
10:02Ann's Amazing Cakes
Ann's Amazing CakesGanger 145 k2 år siden
4:49Teeny Weeny Donuts Ann Reardon
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6:38I bought 70 Russian piping tips!
I bought 70 Russian piping tips!Ganger 1,3 mill2 år siden
8:20What's Inside this Egg?
What's Inside this Egg?Ganger 410 k2 år siden
12:49Will this volcano cake EXPLODE?
Will this volcano cake EXPLODE?Ganger 466 k2 år siden


  • I am from India and over here we call our mothers 1. Mummy 2. Mumma 3. Mom 4. Ma 5. Mommy. Etc...

  • Hew wheres the pun?

  • I honestly think that a lot of these views are bots.

  • I understand if u have to be gluten free, but why is it a trend? Like bruh no one cares if u wanna be gluten free like all the celebrities..

  • Can you make a Tumblr cake?

  • I am SO glad to see you still doing you thing... Congrats and blessing on you!

  • 5:10 That's what happens what u don't let the cake cool before u put frosting on cake

  • Oddly, not a single one of these channels appears in my reccommended list.

  • Can't believe I was duped. Not really believed exactly but somehow accepted it

  • We do not have Twisties where I'm from and now I'm curious about the taste. 😪😪😪

  • Can you please debunk this video

  • Oreo snickers fake? Woot! Got it right 😁👍


  • Alternative title: "When your favourite baking youtuber is Australian"

  • I broke a lot of stuff doing these and I thot I was the problome but it was them

  • Who knew that subway's bread was actually cake this whole time...?

  • I was gone ng to have ramin now I do not

  • In Canada, we tend to say "mom" and "mum" interchangeably, but it's ALWAYS spelled "M-O-M."

  • Story time! I was at the park and there was a wooden stump with a spider web and i decided that i would touch the web with a small leaf. Lo and behold a male funnel web came out of the stump and almost got me. Lucky l was able to get my hand away in time.

  • I don’t even have a hair straightener lol 😂

  • One of the reasons for the not wearing masks at the beginning was that they didn't have enough. They were trying to get enough to the hospitals and didn't have enough. If they told everyone to go out and buy them we would have been even worse off. It's October and my hospital is still having issues getting sani cloths and masks. I live in Texas, USA.


  • Really milking this one eh Anne? Two ads before I could even watch the video.

  • I liked the first wiener dog balloon animal you made. Lol😆❤️

  • you know i personally think you should stick to baking or cooking or something But this isn't a hate comment it is just my opinion

  • Coke flavored watermelon sounds kinda gross I'd rather just have a normal melon.

  • 4:32 is it just me or does that look like a sausage?

  • real, fake, fake, real?

  • 1 real 2fake 3 fake 4 real

  • But remember Ann the most important thing is we don’t make mistakes we have happy accidents

  • I will never understand miniature cooking......ever

  • I feel so sorry for you, your microwave and Dave. So sad that people out up nonsense like this. If I didn't know better, I'd waste so much money doing things like this, if it wasn't for people like you. 🙏 Thank you.

  • I wanna see another one of these

  • Fun fact cotton candy and the machine were invented by a dentist

  • These fake "hacks" prove millions slept through high school science.

  • Im so late to this but this was an awesome vid

  • Lol "an engagement ring" 😂 you know how to get into a girls heart 😍🤩

  • Soo small egg

  • its almost horrifying how much it ends up looking like real skin omg

  • Hello, I want to make macarons but i don't have almond flour so can you please make mocarons without almond flour ( if possible ).

  • Dr. Bonnie Henry ( BC'S Head doctor and the place i'm living in) even knows better than the "Doctor" at Dr. Bonnie Henry ( BC'S Head doctor and the place i'm living in) even knows better than the "Doctor" at 13:58. BTW my science teacher has worked worked with Dr.Bonnie Henry. My class was like woah. He worked with her during the S.A.R.S epidemic.

  • There used to always be that disclaimer made up front of cooking and science videos in the USA “kids, do not try this at home without an adult.” Good advice.So sorry to hear about that accident. ☹️

  • I love her hair

  • this reminds me of when i was little and our shed was infested with huge redbacks so my dad caught a nice big one in a vegemite jar and i took it into crèche for show and tell

  • Toasters in America do the loft thing btw :)

  • Thank you so much. I’ve had to be gluten free most of my life and most of then time people didn’t understand. Thank you for educating people about this topic. I think your a very educated woman with a wonderful Channel. Even though Gluten Free has become on Fad I’m so happy that now food companies are making more food available for those who need it and making options that tase better then they used to. I remember when I just couldn’t eat the GF bread because it tested terrible, but now I can. Again thank you so much.

  • I have a question Anne. I was wondering my young daughter has a serious food disorder and she sometimes has trouble resisting food she can’t and can eat. I needed to make sure and have a good list of what kind of foods she should avoid. I was wondering if this is your area?

  • Omg

  • Order an oven off amazon

  • No I live in America, our toasters are the same 😂

  • I'm speechless.

  • How do you cook that spider?


  • Nobody: Anne: Adds green to dp logo

  • I just stumbled onto your channel and I'm in love! You got yourself a new subscriber!

  • This might come a bit late but fritters of mostly made like a pancake in a frying pan🤷🤷🤷 I'm from the Caribbean and we usually make banana fritters 🤭🤭🤭 is sometimes still be a bit gooey in middle but because it's a thin-like pancake it shouldn't be a problem

  • God love ya, Dave!! ♥️😂

  • I am way too high for the “don’t waste my time”

  • Anyone else here in 2020? Anyone click on it because it looked like coronavirus in the thumbnail?

  • I know I’m super late, like really really late, but.... Done? Heh heh

  • Rest in peace that girl in the beginning .

  • EaSy OrEo mUg CaKe Me: Congrats you made a mistake!

  • the pink frosting from dough boi taste like posion

  • never ever ever ever inhale nitrous oxide! You might have too much fun.

  • Cool I’m late

  • I thought that it could’ve been a Budgie egg, but I thing that Budgie eggs are still too big for the the fake little egg.

  • I actually bought a table saw pizza cutter. Works like charm.

  • So that’s why my mugshot brand thing cakes never rise

  • Is it just me or is Dave slowly losing his will to live as Ann has him test more of these hack recipes?

  • we have a joke in my family about "vertical food" about how the way to make food gourmet is to stack the separate parts vertically

  • If I find that shit in my house, it's not going inside a Tupperware, it's going to die. If it's me or it, then the choice is easy.


  • That was amazing ! ❤👍

  • My conspiracy is officially made: every one who lives in Australia goes to some sort of paradise in the Life After, because they live on H3ll on Earth and they have to co-existence along side the most insanely huge, venomously deadly creatures. You poor souls. This is deadliest, have you guys seen their biggest spider?? It's bigger than a dinner plate! I mean their snails are the size of rabbits, the rabbits are the sizes of house cats...

  • I made the brownies in my dorm room and named them ✨ghetto brownies✨

  • NZ we say mum

  • "tell me if you think it will work in the pole" RIP poles

  • 9:52 "Creamy Almond Butt" Me: Uhh no thanks, i think i'll stick to the cookies this time

  • My thought process while watching this video: 1) Wondered where they lived. 2) Realized it was Australia... 3) Oh, carry on then.

  • That thumbnail is giving me anxiety