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I'm Seth, and Berm Peak is my backyard!
We're turning my backyard into a super miniature downhill mountain bike park, and making family-friendly video content in the process.
In Berm Peak's shop, we work on bikes, build new ones, and share the love with the mountain bike community through our parts bin.
Whether you enjoy bikes, the outdoors, or simply like watching our content, we hope you'll visit Berm Peak on a regular basis.


15:06Old Budget Hardtail Gets Fixed Up and Sent Hard!
11:47Building & Riding a Gnarly Teeter Totter
Building & Riding a Gnarly Teeter TotterGanger 951 k2 måneder siden
13:03Fixing Alex’s bike and ACTUALLY RIDING!
Fixing Alex’s bike and ACTUALLY RIDING!Ganger 887 k2 måneder siden
12:27Bored? Watch a guy try to repair electronics
10:08Building & Riding the Backyard Pucker Pad!
Building & Riding the Backyard Pucker Pad!Ganger 1,1 mill3 måneder siden
12:17Making our backyard airbag jump twice as fun
Making our backyard airbag jump twice as funGanger 1,4 mill4 måneder siden
2:14Today, we lost someone special
Today, we lost someone specialGanger 1,5 mill4 måneder siden
12:01Building & Riding the Backyard Drama Drop 2.0!
Building & Riding the Backyard Drama Drop 2.0!Ganger 1,5 mill4 måneder siden
10:33Building & Riding a Gnarly Backyard Rock Garden
13:42Before YouTube, I installed car stereos for a living
13:13Building a steep skinny bridge on a fallen elm tree
10:56Finally! We built a trail to the bottom of Berm Peak
10:49Preparing Berm Peak for a new Downhill Zone!
8:27Berm Peak’s Trailhead gets a huge upgrade!
Berm Peak’s Trailhead gets a huge upgrade!Ganger 1,1 mill6 måneder siden
10:59Building and Riding the Backyard Whale Tail
Building and Riding the Backyard Whale TailGanger 2,1 mill7 måneder siden
10:05Building a “pecker log" jump and a new berm!
Building a “pecker log" jump and a new berm!Ganger 1,2 mill8 måneder siden
10:04Building & Riding a FAST wooden berm
Building & Riding a FAST wooden bermGanger 1,2 mill8 måneder siden
10:38Building a mountain bike jump over my driveway
Building a mountain bike jump over my drivewayGanger 2,2 mill9 måneder siden
10:29Building a Gravel Forest Road with Rock Jumps!
Building a Gravel Forest Road with Rock Jumps!Ganger 1,2 mill9 måneder siden
10:26Building & Riding a twisty hip jump transfer thingy
10:04Building & Riding the Skinny Backyard Tree Jump
Building & Riding the Skinny Backyard Tree JumpGanger 1,1 mill10 måneder siden
8:13Here's to all the crashes we survived in 2019
Here's to all the crashes we survived in 2019Ganger 2,5 mill10 måneder siden
10:1110 Strange & Unique Mountain Bike Products
10 Strange & Unique Mountain Bike ProductsGanger 1,6 mill11 måneder siden
8:4110 Hacks and tips for mountain bikers
10 Hacks and tips for mountain bikersGanger 4,4 mill11 måneder siden
10:49Learning tricks on the backyard airbag
11:32Building a Hidden Backyard Bike Jump
Building a Hidden Backyard Bike JumpGanger 1,6 millÅr siden
11:49Building a fun bike jump out of wood
Building a fun bike jump out of woodGanger 1,6 millÅr siden
11:38Building the Backyard "Maim Frame"
Building the Backyard "Maim Frame"Ganger 1,1 millÅr siden
10:07What will we build on Berm Peak?
What will we build on Berm Peak?Ganger 1,3 millÅr siden
10:11Building a fun and practical garage office
10:37The Garage Workshop of my Dreams
The Garage Workshop of my DreamsGanger 1,9 millÅr siden
10:36Building a Workbench Skatepark in my Garage
7:16My New MTB Has Weird Parts on it
My New MTB Has Weird Parts on itGanger 1,7 millÅr siden
12:5810 Unique Bike Products Reviewed Brutally
5:34Ride THROUGH mud pits, NOT around them
7:4810 MTB Products I actually use
10 MTB Products I actually useGanger 3,5 millÅr siden
11:02Building Eric Porter's MTB Garage Workshop
10:16Question & Answer Session with Seth
Question & Answer Session with SethGanger 1,3 millÅr siden
10:05Why go mountain biking at night?
6:5310 Hacks for Mountain Bikers in a Pinch
8:3711 Super Cheap MTB Upgrades
11 Super Cheap MTB UpgradesGanger 3,6 millÅr siden
9:15The beginner MTB toolbox
The beginner MTB toolboxGanger 1,2 millÅr siden
7:1410 Bike 🚴Hacks for MTB & Beyond! 🛠
8:51How to bleed MTB brakes
How to bleed MTB brakesGanger 763 kÅr siden
10:01Breaking my collar bone on Berm Creek
5:33Should you support your local bike shop?
7:49Learning to backflip my MTB
Learning to backflip my MTBGanger 1,8 mill2 år siden
11:52My insane MTB trip to Whistler
My insane MTB trip to WhistlerGanger 1,4 mill2 år siden


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  • I love the part in the whale tail it's so DRAMATIC I LOVE IT !!! MAN IT'S SO DRAMATIC!!!!!!!!!

  • I love the part in the whale tail it's so DRAMATIC I LOVE IT !!! MAN IT'S SO DRAMATIC!!!!!!!!!

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  • There is real obsession to take care damned bike.. Isn't easier to buy just low tier model ? This is what happens after you buy expensive item, it is similar to cars, motorcycles. Life has to be simpler.

  • Sir are Enduro Bikes available in India.

  • Ever since i started seeing your videos, i am getting these weird dreams at night of Drama and I running behind you, while you ride your Diamondback Release 5c and sometimes you fixing a bike and i helping you. Big fan of you sir. Love from India.

  • You are a mad genius, I always love the "freak bike" stuff!

  • If you smear dielectric grease on the finger tips of any gloves, it will make them work on touch screens forever even after washing them. You only need a small amount and no it won't make you lose grip either. You can get it from auto parts stores, its used for electrical connectors.

  • "if you clean your car it will actually be cleaner" - Seth Alvo 2017

  • cassette motors are DANGEROUS. I really HATE when vehicles are electrified without proper sensors or motor placement... Really respect the courage you've had riding this Seth. I'd NEVER ride something this cheaply built (given that it is electrified). Electric cars rely on JUST hub motors, but this mountain bike relies on the torque applied at the crank/pedals (its not as simple as a throttle... the cassette motor can't work properly because humans will always be in a non-ideal gear and apply unpredictable torque to the bottom bracket... If you're going to set a goal from an engineering standpoint, don't take stupid (STUPID) shortcuts and justify mediocre performance and safety by offering a lower price... Maybe a lot of people won't notice what ticks me off about this, but the design isn't thought out and it is dangerous.

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  • The Olight LED Bike Light Bundle - Allty 2000 + RN120 Bike Light is amazing and is totally worth it you should check this out!!!!

  • Hey Berm Peak I have an old Diamond Back 24 is there a person you would know who fixes bikes well in the Tennessee, North Carolina area? I only am about an hour away from where you live. I love your content! You are favorite NOlong ever! Stay Gnarly!

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