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3:09Battlefield 2042 Official Gameplay Trailer
0:51Battlefield V - Elites - Steve Fisher
1:28Battlefield V - Official Launch Trailer
Battlefield V - Official Launch TrailerGanger 2,7 mill2 år siden
3:42Battlefield V - Official Launch Maps
6:29This is Battlefield V
This is Battlefield VGanger 3,7 mill2 år siden
1:46Battlefield 5 Official Multiplayer Trailer
1:27:29Battlefield 5 Live Reveal
Battlefield 5 Live RevealGanger 2,4 mill3 år siden
2:35Battlefield 5 Official Reveal Trailer
Battlefield 5 Official Reveal TrailerGanger 16 mill3 år siden
1:10Battlefield 1 - Apocalypse Official Trailer


  • The scene in the elevator is epic

  • PS5?

  • 3:15 😕 good ole days. I’m def gettin this game

  • 3:16 what in tarnation was that ???

    • *Rendezook*

  • 2:24

  • I just really hope they go back to the sandbox style of spawns vs the Battle Front one.

  • трейлер класний, але грати в цю хрень не буду

  • 🥺💔💔

  • I only know the hacker mode which is in hardline but no commander mode

  • I'm hoping for a future trailer to include the original version of Kickstar My Heart, so much more epic if well used

  • Did anyone notice what it said on the tuktuks roof when it got swept by the tornado, if not go peep it for a giggle

  • Cool game. Looks fun. Still not buying an only multiplayer game for $70.

  • Well hello again lol

  • hotwire was the best mode in this game :)

  • Is this free tho?

  • This is your last chance to live up to bf3

  • well this aged nicely

  • 70$🙂

  • Still can’t believe this was 7 years ago 🥲

  • This is it. This is incomparable value of battlefield with any other games. At last, my battlefield is back.

  • Most of the people talking smack about Battlefield 5 havent even played it

  • Weatherlutions

  • So I guess Vietnam's getting skipped

  • Battlefield haters must be so jealous of how cool this is.

  • Defo buying not preordering tho

  • Looks like battlefield

  • Do this game without elites pls

  • I have question. Is (ps4) 64 ppl maps going to be smaller, or it will be 64 ppl on map for 130?

  • I’ve rewatched this trailer five times and I still can’t get over how good it is. I haven’t even played a battlefield game in FOREVER

  • Aight I'll get a Xbox now 😭💯 dis was amazing

  • Hope this doesn't flop.

  • At 2:00 How satisfy would it be to be the pilot :D Or shooting this heli down with a Rocket Launcher

  • 6.9 million views

  • Let's hope it lasts longer then 2142 did, which was awesome, but lacked support..

  • What da dog doin

  • Finally a worthy game after Battlefield one.

  • Cod’s done this year

  • Anyone else get shivers?

  • In the nutshell : soo basically a near future vibe war against army to army And gods enter the war and make natural disasters

  • So this is coming in 2042? Okay

  • I just hope the maps are actually good and well thought out.

  • i cannot wait for this game to come out!

  • looks like battlefield 4 won’t be dead after the reveal of 2042

  • 3:00 are we just gonna ignore that nod?

  • 1:10 music gives me serious tenet vibes

  • Ok so just don’t suck and we’ll be good

  • 6.9 million views nice

  • Honestly rather pay per dlc than pay for battle passes I’ll never have the opportunity of finishing even though I’d really want the end stuff

  • I'm sure the gameplay will be enjoyable, but im not hyped 4 some reason

  • I love Battlefield. I played Battlefield V for one night and never touched it again. Hopefully this is a return to form.

  • Voll langweilig! Passiert überhaupt nix! *IRONIE OFF* Freu mich drauf

  • Who else is here because of the 2042 trailer??

  • Timeless Masterpiece

  • 1:36 Remember NO RUSSIAN

  • This trailer is almost as good as the bf1 trailer

  • 😍

  • Singed part of soundtrack made me cringe: sounds like a mix between G.I. Joe cartoon intro and an 80s soft drink jingle. The rest of the clip is epic.

  • Finally, a prequel to 2142! Just like what I've been waiting for

  • someone explain to me why you liked this idiocy so much?

    • Whats idiotic about it?

  • Love how they added Rendazook in 3:14

  • It has 1M likes in 3 days and battlefield 5 got 300k in 4 years

  • Whoa~ yeah~

  • Think ive blown the ' Y ' off me Y Fronts !!

  • i can already see myself of the future throwing by error a grenade in that elevator

  • 😍🤟🏻👏🏻 P.S. but where is the BF theme?

  • Games just don't feel this good anymore..

  • Hopefully we can drive submarines and have underwater warfare

  • Everyone is entitled to their opinion i actually liked BFV

  • Looks like Battlefield 4, 2

  • Will it beat the masterpiece that’s is modern warfare

  • Gdzie Battlefield 3 Remaster?

  • I want to know what is the bgm's name

  • Its time to play bf 3

  • Congrats to 1 million likes!