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6:23Sorry, There Isn't Going to Be Unity
2:27What Will Biden Actually Be Able to Do?
3:47Furious Caller Calls Me a Liar
Furious Caller Calls Me a LiarGanger 63 k7 dager siden
4:58Can Biden Be Held Accountable Post-Trump?
4:26Fox Host TRIGGERED by Biden Canceling Trump
8:32Joe Biden Sworn In, Doesn't Mention Trump
1:00:40Trump Out TODAY, Biden in TODAY 1/20/21
5:44Trump's FINAL SPEECH: Have a Good Life!
1:20:46LIVE BREAKING: Biden Admin FIRST Press Briefing
2:31:04LIVE: The President Inauguration of Joe Biden
6:03Trump Approval Collapses to 29%
Trump Approval Collapses to 29%Ganger 81 k7 dager siden
3:26Caller Regrets Not Voting Hillary 2016
4:44How Can the Right Claim to Be Pro-Life?
3:38Will Trump Pardon Capitol Rioters?
Will Trump Pardon Capitol Rioters?Ganger 88 k13 dager siden
8:18The Shared Psychosis of Trumpism
The Shared Psychosis of TrumpismGanger 273 k13 dager siden
5:32Parler Is Being Destroyed by Capitalism
Parler Is Being Destroyed by CapitalismGanger 109 k14 dager siden
1:47Caller SOUNDS ALARM About My Facial Hair
7:23Trump Supporter Calls CSPAN in TEARS
Trump Supporter Calls CSPAN in TEARSGanger 284 k15 dager siden
3:06POWERFUL Response to All-Day Live Stream
59:33Trump Impeached Again in Final Days 1/14/21
6:02There Is No Bigger Loser Than Donald Trump
7:01Historic Disgrace: Trump Impeached AGAIN
7:33Trump Warned Pence About Being a "Pussy"


  • Guess the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree?

  • Lauren Boebert is a despicable human being with no morals and doesn't have the capacity to run bingo night much less to be in congress, She needs to resign. But please don't say "other people call her Bo Bo the clown, we are not doing that, but there are people who are doing it" that actually sounded like something Trump would say.

  • Wow! Trump was really the Hitler wannabe.

  • Hay Rudy: ALL THE NETWORKS are reporting you getting Sued

  • fox is furious that the media is not going hard on biden... well i think the media is just relived because psaki is not smearing them and calling them fake and it´s not a smart move calling them "the enemy of the people" if you want to maintain a good relationship with the media but hey watcha gonna do when you can just grab people where ever and when ever you want to and say crazy things and make others believe you

  • Why would Amazon reach out to help before there was a problem?

  • why did people vote this very ignorant inexperienced congress woman into such a worthy position ? , she will probably be removed shortly due to her moonlighting as a capital tour guide. the sad part is that she was not the only republican congress member doing this , the day before the riot , but it's just a coincidence , even though all tours had been cancelled because of covid. here's another GENIUS. how could she be so stupid to not know that cameras were everywhere ? it shouldn't take much of a trial to convict this fool. she is everything this country doesn't need right now.

  • Trump should be next. He’s a billionaire, supposedly.

  • Does Peter Doocy not have a nose?

  • Sad when a member of Congress knows more about insurrection than economics.

  • Didn't Fox criticize Jim Acosta several times a day for wanting to be the story in lieu of reporting the story?

  • As much as I dont like Bidens speeches and debating I think he takes questions very well. Better than Obama I think.

  • Should be Peter Douchy...

  • Peter Douche

  • POOR BABY 🍼 👶

  • Giuliani is a national hero, so it is sad to see how far he has fallen. But it all made sense with the revelation that he was raking in 20k a day in fees.

  • Dominion has every right to sue for 1.3 billion. What Rudy gets for his earnings has nothing to do with it. The single business of the Dominion machines are security and faith in that security. A lawyer is the one person that should know that they could be sued. Which in my opinion makes him more responsible. The suit as mentioned for Rudy or anyone else to dfend themselves will now have to prove it. I predict that we hear Rudy giving a big fat apology soon and a retraction. I think Dominion should go after the Pillow guy as well. Then we could all talk about the "My PIllow case".

  • As stated, now's the time to dump all that evidence of election fraud, etc. or admit the attempt to subvert the results of the election was the real hoax and fraud.

  • Fox and Twitter is not news. They carry Opinions not facts

  • He sat in testimony chairs talking to state committees saying Dominion was criminal. Do you think those Republican led states are going to allow Dominion to have anything to do with their future elections? $1.3 billion sounds very fair.

  • Anybody should be jailed for wrong doin',deserve to stay in jail for d right reason, "CAREFUL" pple r watching, sure!!!

  • lol i love how you think legit questions are crazy just because the women cant actually answer them

  • I hereby declare a proposition to change his name to Douchey.

  • "Boebert doesn't know a damn thing about economics." Damn right. This woman dropped out of high school to work that McDonald's job she's so nostalgic for. It would be so nice if she could just go back to upselling value meals and leave the rest of the country alone.

  • Fox news needs to be taken down bec all this misinformation

  • take away his hair dye

  • What a tosser.

  • He couldn't issue an EO as a private citizen. He issued that order after he was sworn in.

  • Jen Psaki is gracious in taking questions from this reporter. His queries seem focused on the FOX mandate of throwing shade on President Biden. She handles him professionally with tact. Unlike her predecessor.

  • Why do you cut before the answers? Isn't better to analyze the answers, than give your own?

  • As a conservative, pro-capitalist, I really appreciate hearing this coming from a liberal

  • David I genuinely love your tan I watch most of your videos sometimes will comment but seriously please you literally plays 2 seconds of the video and then comment on it and it's like two seconds of the video and then comment on it let's watch the video in its entirety or at least like half and half it's a little frustrating when I want to hear it but you're commenting way more then you need to we don't need commentary for every 10 second clip but I love your show and I'm from Boston as well genuinely love your show all the time and Brian Tyler Cohen is great to

  • Many people who advocate against a 'socialised' health care system, such as the National Health Service here in the UK, quote longer waiting times as a reason for rejecting such a system. It is true that there are waiting lists and there is no denying that these could be improved or shortened. The main reason for an increase in waiting time is a decision made by politicians to not fund the service as it should be funded. However, I must say that waiting times depend on the level and seriousness of clinical need. I have four immediate friends who have been diagnosed with cancer - three with prostate cancer (all diagnosed following regular screening) and one with breast cancer - who have been diagnosed, investigated and treated quickly, efficiently and with care and compassion. And, without being left with enormous bills to pay. I have know many people with Type 1 diabetes, or with thyroid problems, or with other chronic conditions who have been treated throughout their lives, without having to jeopardise their treatment because they were unable to pay for it. The system works and to the benefit of everybody, regardless of income. As many of the comments here point out, waiting times are irrelevant if you can never afford to go to the doctor.

  • How sweet that would be if Rudy-Tooty will have to claim bankruptcy!

  • As always, Donnie boy doing his best to put America first, right?

  • Trump didnt stop flights from China; Trump stopped CHINESE people from entering the USA. Ineffective and racist.

  • The key to all this is the FCC rules going out in 1987 that allows "news" to be bias and not balanced. We NEED all these rules back an more for a reform to hyper-partisan sources.

  • I love how I am mildly bored instead of readily appalled when watching WH press briefings now.

  • I hope Amazon wants to help the good people with actually common sense and not trumpies idiots

  • I was wondering who asked that stupid random Amazon question. Thanks for clearing that up.

  • He doesnt understand the severity of this case and the fact that not only does it have merit, but cases like this have been won with LESS evidence. Personally I hope they ignore his pleas to settle, making this his closing legacy.

  • Didn't call him fake news or nothin'. Refreshing.

  • Love how the cult is oppressed over a couple blocks in a SINGLE CITY IN A SINGLE STATE, but are not concerned at all at a pandemic that has killed off over a 420,000 people and is in EVERY STATE in the United States.

  • Here at Jen's Diner our daily special is Peter Doocy because he gets served every day.

  • And the progress begins with Joe Biden eliminating American jobs and allowing men to compete in women's sports. I think even the Leftists are going to have buyers remorse on this one. 🤣

  • The Capitol riots were a false flag, there is footage of police standing down and allowing protestors in. The MSM then comes out and says Trump is responsible, and incited violence, which he NEVER did. Peter uses a lot of big words, but is completely ignorant of what is going on in this country and around the world. We are witnessing the systematic dismantling of the Deep State. The military is in control, Biden is not the President.

  • It was a total waste of time.

  • Lock trump up! & his family! & the trump gestapo! Lock them all up!!

  • I like this chick - I think she called him Steve on purpose - nz loves having one case of covid - praying for your country

  • Peter Douchey

  • Wasn’t that 7pm slot an actual news slot (Shepard Smith old spot). So Fox News is axing another hour of news and adding another opinion hour. They should start calling it Fox and drop the News

  • It seems highly probable that states which have to choose to install new election voting machines or to upgrade existing systems may now choose for another company than Dominion. That's probably not because they distrust Dominion or think that the Dominion systems are less reliable. No, it's because of the BIG LIE promoted by Giuliani and fed to Trump and the rest of his mob. State election commissioners may be concerned with the PUBLIC PERCEPTION of their voting systems if they continue to use Dominion even though they are perfectly satisfied that Dominion election hardware and software completely conform to the standards they have laid down.

  • What about Goofy Rudy's inciting violent insurrection on Capitol Hill. It is what he is!

  • WOW. Not the smartest questions.😳

  • What the hell happened between 9/11 when Guiiani was a terrific man ,and now?

  • I find it funny that conservatives are so focused on Trumps presidency... even after it ended

  • Looking forward to this trail hopefully during the impeachment time

  • Rudy toot toot... excuse me...

  • Justice has been served 🙂👍

  • This is very useful!!!!

  • No they haven't...probably won't until it's too late...if ever.

  • This Cawthorn guy is thick as a brick. All suit not brain.

  • He should be sued for claiming the influence of Hugo Chavez on the Dominion voting machines. He died over 7 years ago LOL.

  • Amazon is a private company and can help or refuse to help as it pleases. Biden has a plan Amazon can HELP with...trump had no plan. There can be no unity without accountability.

  • He didn't get paid by trump for doing what he was told by spreading the lie and now he's getting sued. It's bitter sweet

  • What rock did he crawl out from under?

  • there will never be unity because one party believes that water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen and the other party believes water is " unicorn pee filtered through the hairs on angel wings.' see the diff. lolol

  • Ain't it great to get a press secretary that sound like an American and not North Korean wannabe?

  • Now! Why that guy is being nasty? He’s a fake news!

  • Out newsmax newsmax

  • Were they asked how other republicans won and not Trump?

  • Naive blind him: No no, see, we won my state, as planned. We didn't win the other state and we rigged that to hell and back. That's why we needed to investigate it. What happened to our rigging? That's what we wanna know. Her: Wow.... Him: What? Did I say something bad? How brainwashed can people be, man. The Republican side of the isle needs to be freed of this hardcore propaganda that fills their halls. Can only imagine the threats that a lot of seats get if they don't play ball.

  • Peter Duecey for brains.

  • Are americans really that unaware

  • People can also see the swamp these people are all friends even the presidents all laughing together.

  • Stop your messing around; Better think of your future, Time to straighten right out, Creating problems in town. Rudy, A message to you, Rudy. A message to you. Stop your fooling around, Time to straighten right out. Better think of your future Else you'll wind up in jail. Rudy, A message to you you, Rudy, A message to you. Stop your messing around, Better think of your future. Time to straighten right out, Creating problems in town. Rudy, A message to you, Rudy. A message to you, Rudy. A message to you, Rudy. A message to you, Rudy. A message to you, Rudy. A message to you, Rudy. A message to you, Rudy.

  • I guess caling him Steven Doocy is better than Douchey Doocy, which is what I would call him.

  • Yellow looks good on you David

  • God, she is so painful. I can't imagine that committee members or others will want to work with her. Thus, she will spend her time isolated and accomplish nothing of substance for her constituents.