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The Joe Rogan Experience podcast


5:06Floyd Mayweather's Flashy Style
Floyd Mayweather's Flashy StyleGanger 669 kDag siden
15:56Robert Bigelow Tells Bob Lazar Stories
10:54Who is the Greatest Boxer of All Time?
10:05Analyzing R. Kelly
Analyzing R. KellyGanger 748 kDag siden
11:22Tim Dillon's AirBnB Saga
Tim Dillon's AirBnB SagaGanger 982 k8 dager siden
10:42Cody Garbrandt's Comeback


  • 15:57 oof. That didn’t hold up well.

  • What island what this episode filmed in?

  • 🖤🌹💜

  • How rogan should talk about how they are referring to breast feeding at chest feeding now and how breast milk is now human milk, to make the trans women happy

  • Hmm... armored silverback gorillas genetically engineered for combat with frikkin laser canons on their backs... I see great potential

  • Joe doesn’t want to say it but let’s face it Khabib humbled Conor

  • Conor vs Tony

  • I feel like the UFC should not advertise Connors whiskey during connors fights. Obviously here’s their money maker/golden boy, but that just seems wrong to me on a card that he’s fighting on. Any other card I don’t have a problem with, but when he’s fighting on a PPV they shouldn’t advertise his product.

  • In the documantory its 2 aliens here he says 3. In the documentory he says he went left and they went right. Here we hear a different story.

  • Nagor eoj wohs

  • Mans is annoying

  • This guy is in fucking speed.

  • Boy was Joe innocent in some ways - his understanding of why we have the system we have.

  • We need khabib and dc

  • I lost brain cells in this podcast

  • 2:03:06 Nice.

  • If channing Tatum joined UFC

  • alex needs his meds for ADHD

  • I like how over time Aliens distance from humans seems to be proportional to camera technology, the photo's are not getting any clearer.

  • DP seems so grounded . Whatla legend. I'm cheering for him from now on.

  • Joe Rogan didn't know what a minigun is 🤔

  • It’s possible that the nine craft were American made and hovered above the ground using electromagnetism. The government wanted leaks so the Russians would think we had alien technology. The work was compartmentalized to aid in identifying the leaker. So the set up has two benefits, the deception of the Russians, and the identification of any leakers. The non leakers get to move on and work on the secret stealth fighters.

  • Freddy wasnt shooting at fifty right?

  • Yachtatatata!

  • I was hoping Dustin would say "it doesn't have to make sense it just has to make dollars"

  • Ive heard Joe tell that monkey story completely wrong a couple times now. The monkey had escaped so the owner called her friend to help get him back in to the home, the monkey and the owners friend already knew each other but the monkey still ripped her face off. Also ate her boobs and most of her fingers.

  • Does Travis Lutter have like, really bad CTE or what's going on here? Weird guy

  • Love how naval is so calm and educated while joe just tries to contradict at times but naval quickly puts em back in his place without even trying. Lmao Joe is cool but he’s not that smart, I really do appreciate the fact that he lets his guest speak without interrupting unlike other podcasts. Naval is sincere and full of positivity, I appreciate his output on life and hope everyone learned something from him! Wish you all the best, your only limit is you.

  • pay attention at the 30.23. now leading up to this point is about the movie tropic thunder which was released in 2008.. oh I dont know if robert forgot or was just fucking off to see if joe rogan could catch the BS.. heres the punch. Robert said, at 30.23 " and by the way I think White Chicks came out pretty soon after that".. he was referring to white chicks being released after Tropic thunder LMAO White chicks was released in 2004 Tropic Thunder 2008 so WTF???

  • He almost sounded like trump😂🤣

  • He's just not as hungry and how did khabibs team jump thr octagon and beat his ass 😅 you mean he got hit by rap lip from behind then Conor jabbed a few of them up 😅

  • Ben is my age. Yet, he reminds of a 16 yr. Old kid who is running for class Pres., in the chess club, who is gonna major in Computer Science. He looks and sounds like that type of person.

  • Spotify is currently not available in your country.

  • He needs Jesus to fill the void in his heart

  • He’s the realest of them all

  • I really, really hope Kevin keeps winning. He's such a breath of fresh air at 185lbs right now. And him vs Izzy would be so sick. Maybe the fight itself would be domination for Izzy, but imagine the build up.

  • Joe "I Have No Meat on My Calf" Rogan 🙄

  • couldnt find the quote about xi admiring hitler, if anyone could find it and send me it that'd be great

  • Hannibal too! His victim tried to feed him to pigs.

  • Spotify is currently not available in your country.

  • when did joe rogan turn into an annoying chick? or was he always that way? tell us joe what does you gynecologist think? who cares, simp sellout, to busy pushing a narative to actually say anything meaningful or use actual science and data

  • Waiting on Dillon danis to comment after getting a mention..... 🙄

  • That’s the cheat kick if you don’t want to exchange or scared to exchange 😂

  • Chimps have photographic memories too n they’re mean as fuck

  • He's so much happier in this one then the last one, great to see

  • Bob Lazar mathematical and technical genius, was at the forefront of reverse engineering of alien high tech goes to desert with a balloon to try and spook his former employers in area 52, lets go of balloon and the wind blows it in the opposite direction of what he expected, oops

  • The cop that responded first ended up killing himself cause it fucked him up so much.

  • Gangsta Gibbs wut up !

  • R Kelly a fukn legend idgaf...

  • Elon with a Samurai sword is scary AF

  • To think its easy to re design the wheel... thats silly.

  • LOL Dustin is in a really good place now, and it comes across clearly in how comfortable he is with himself. Entertaining conversation, I wanna see the rest.

  • "boosh ittin"

  • Can I listen to the JRE podcast on Spotify for free?

  • Does he need to trashtalk to seem any other way?

  • Elephant riding isn't as bad as long you give some a break, and treat them with respect during their job. I mean other religions and in India it's done, as long as they treat them with respect and have proper oversight and condemn bad ones on a case by case basis, considering elephants carried tons of heavy objects centuries ago way heavier than humans makes it hard to believe having humans riding them hurts them although the should have more than one so one gets a break, elephants are very nice and sociable animals if they were really in pain they would vocalize or use body language to tell you.

  • “It’s fighting man.” I love it

  • Im dying of laughter 😂

  • The way Dustin said "I'm getting that hot sauce money" was funny af. Great guy.

  • Jordan Peterson has an absolutely impressed level of intelligence and erudition. Always glad to hear him. Special thanks for mentioning genocide, tyrannical artificial starvation, created by russia on Ukrainian land (fomer soviet union). Today russia deny that fact and say soviet union bring so much kind and abundance to unthankful Ukrainians. Today's Russia is the same Soviet Union. Hello from Kyiv)

  • Seems like some one was being groomed for higher office. Need to get the narrative on track. Street cred for bar fight. Check. Heart of a saint for working with PTSD solders. Check. Next stop House of Representatives!

  • Eddie my dude.... STFU for FUCK SAKE

  • Elon is autistic. Im autistic too. Having autism actually helps focus on ideas if an autistic person obsesses about a particular idea or field of work. Musk is an autistic savant.

  • Theo Von is a latent racist

  • laughs in Budjanovci

  • In 1997 we left IAD to MEX. I saw a Marbel shaped structure moving around up and down side to side when I turn to my right side to tell my cousin. I look back to my window and it was gone

  • No idea who this man is, but he is very funny. Joe & him work well together and mesh well. 🇺🇸

  • Bearded guy. “ I talked to a dude , who knows a dude that knows a dude

  • Just shows how quickly history can change. We pass through the torrid myriad stream every year, so this happening over 30 years is basically a blink of an eye.

  • Occupy Space written on her shirt

  • Conor waist is smaller That why i feel conor is best in FW. LW is not for him, conor start losing in ufc when he move up weight

  • Incredible aircraft. Thank god the British shared/sold their Harrier tech to make it possible.

  • Lmao if we evolved from monkeys then why are there still monkeys? Why are alligators "millions of years old" and the only system they have to check how old things are is how they check.... it makes no sense and yes that is what they taught you in science class they just put a bunch of material over it so you forget

  • Wasn’t just Hearst it was also the DuPont company among others

  • Money is the root of all depression

  • 1:16:47 It's-a me, a-Mario! Open this-a fuckin' door and-a leta me fix your pipes, ore I'll - a burn down your a- house and put a horse's head in a your bed!!!

  • So Spotify finally released in my country (Pakistan) yet i cant find JRE podcasts anywhere, i see a bunch of playlists and shit that has nothing to do with JRE and the ones that loook official with the yellow wifi spotify symbol (i guess means premium.... ughck) instead of the green one are empty playlists..... wtf is this horseshit.

  • People aren’t asking the right questions, and they’re not asking the right questions because they think they know the answer!

  • The smooth starter desirably face because salary gradually double outside a extra-large extra-small exuberant factory. smooth, unbiased cherry

  • Baby kangaroo “I’m outta here!”😭😭