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2:36SOUL Trailer # 3 (NEW 2020) Pixar Movie HD
3:23DUNE Official Trailer 4K (2020) Ultra HD
2:51NO TIME TO DIE Trailer 4K
NO TIME TO DIE Trailer 4KGanger 171 kMåned siden


  • Is that a metaphor on how the CCP divided the world after it spread the Corona virus all over it?

  • So people with allergies they just all got executed, right?

  • "In my village we have Daryl, Daryl the Dragon! And he's been waiting for a gifted young rider! Hahaha, yeah! You could not pick a Dragon that is better then Daryl the Dragon of LOVEEEEEEEE!"

  • the song just gives this movie such a dope vibe

  • Someone done boofed up

  • حماااااسسس 😭💕💕💕

  • Imagine thinking this is a good movie

  • looks great

  • I wish to see Deadpool committing suicide and become the next Annabelle.

  • Reminds me of "Rey And The Last Jedi"

  • This looks TERRIBLE

  • PG Mortal Kombat prequel featuring Kitana?

  • GOT ending sucked so bad I wanna forget that these people even exist

  • Hopefully this year it will be of Johnny Depp.

  • Anyone remember 'Hook' with Robin Williams? That was a diverse cast of kids. The story was slightly modernized so that the lost boys origin was plausibly of American extraction. That was a sufficient explanation for the diverse cast of children because that was an accurate representation of American kids in the 1990s. The movie captured the spirit of the 90s with the characters' dialogue and mannerisms. It was by no means trying to recreate the essence of another period in time. 'Come Away' seems to be trying to conjure up an 1860s England. The casting of this film obviously has everything to do with America's current social climate which immediately destroys all suspension of disbelief needed to set the scene. I don't appreciate being made to feel like pointing out this glaring incongruity is taking a personal shot at black actors or black people by extension. It seems like the film's creators are daring us uncultured plebian consumers to take the bait and object. I see this trap for what it is and I don't appreciate it being set before me everywhere I turn in modern media. I don't mind seeing a majority black cast in 1860s England. I do mind the cringe that reverberates up and down my spine when I imagine the fawning praise and congratulations the creators recieve for their perceived gift to the black community. The coveted gift of representation in a Lewis Carroll screen adaptation that black people have been marching for since the 60s. You're welcome, blacks. Don't say Hollywood never did anything for you.

  • I find it hilarious that people in the comments are saying that this movie is a perfect representation of what's going on right now. It's like people WANT the world to burn or something.

  • My name Is Arya Stark I won you to know that....

  • So someone wanna share the name of the song that started playing like halfway?

  • LOOKS very scary.

  • space

  • I wish Disney make more female fighter stories

  • "I'M NOT GAY I'M NOT GAY!!!!"

  • covid not like this


  • Here’s me thinking she’s in a romcom, but it turns out a girl is still no one

  • Hollywood manipulating the dumb down masses while profiting from tragedy.. Sounds about right

  • This movie suck! Waste of 2hr.


  • Love the inspiration from Cambodia temples.

  • The agenda is so transparent and cringe worthy now. WE SEE YOU!


  • 0:16 Just a guess but possibly a spoiler The person getting hit with the bat is Tommy Doyle

  • Cambodia 🇰🇭

  • Raya is an Indian name I bet


  • Ahora todas las minas miran al verdadero Vampiro 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 no se olviden de Crepúsculo 😏😉

  • I hear even NETFlix won't accept this garbage on their site since viewers report smelling trash and soy through the screen whenever they play this trailer

  • Both BETAman and smelly incel batfans' mothers sneak out at odd hours at night to bad parts of the town. Maybe incel batfans might just get a batdaddy pretty soon

  • The only reason incel Batfan idiots find the uber-cringe 'I'm vengeance' scene 'incredible' is because they fantasize they could do the same to their childhood/adulthood bullies, which is basically everyone they've ever met. Which is sad because they don't realise their sissy punches will only worsen their carpal tunnel without having any effect on their bullies

  • Damn i thought it was a new movie,i looked at the date to see when this trailer came out...i guess i don't have to wait for it

  • Is that Alexandra Dadario?

  • Maybe if he shaved?

  • Lol they cant make anything original so they just black-wash classics. Sounds like Hollywoold alright.

  • So thing looks like the most basic shit and people are hyped?

  • Will be there in hotstar?

  • Maybe next time.

  • Dissapointing that james wan aint coming back to make this. This might be a miss for me but ill check it out. He should have gave the job to patrick wilson who is also directing his first feature in the next insidious film. He embodies ed warren.

  • Eeeh... it doesn't catch my interest nor is scary at all. Basically this is another zombie movie

  • "White Face" - A white fictional character portrayed as evil or foolish with the sole intention of repesenting and degrading all white people.

  • OMG! Amazing! Can't wait for this movie!

  • wtf...?

  • 13K likes. 7.3K dislikes. Not a single positive comment... *SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT.*

  • I swear, if his skin shines I'm out 😜 These all look like they've been shot in the dark for a reason

  • Watched the movie, As a speaker of Hebrew and Russian, I understood all of what Borat was saying (it was Hebrew, not Kazakh 😀), part of the Bulgarian Tutar was speaking, and with the English subtitles on.. It was really funny as sometimes the English translation was completely incorrect and they were saying absolutely different things or some total nonsense... Laughed a lot... Great movie!

  • So Santa got another nickname... *interesting*

  • Arnis from the Philippines. Hohoho

  • Kurang asia tenggaranya

  • Everything looks cool except Batman 😳😂

  • This is dont Kazahstan

  • Didn't this actually happen a few days ago???....🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Like...I cant tell if this is supposed to be sarcasm or not...

  • Gina getting good acting wise.

  • Why isn’t this movie in English 🤬

  • Enough of this! Only black actors in all the new movies.Why are they pushing this?It s so forced!Ariel is black,now Alice is black.Snow white is next.Pathetic.

  • Bgm is lit

  • This is honestly freaking stupid

  • This shit is not a movie! This shit will happen ..

  • He ain’t no Michael Keaton or Ben Affleck his the bad acting twilight guy!

  • The song is a reference to what happened during the lockdown in Italy. "Everything's gonna be alright" became a sort of motto, since a lot of people wrote this on signs outside their window.

  • when tf did they film this? aren’t we all supposed to be social distancing ? democrats im looking at you

  • The school look like school in mv so what

  • High production value indeed!

  • Lol too soon

  • I have never clicked so fast in my life

  • the grand high witch looks nothing like the one in the book

  • Why does Hollywood only make movies that are already made? Also, the cast of this movie could be just credited collectively as “Everyone”.